Jonas Tracks

not chill out music;

Nice work, I like that one a lot.

These genres always surprise me.


Ridiculously good. Till about minute 3 it is pretty chillout. Do you also mix in Renoise ?

Nice tune, esp the 2nd half. Chops sound fresh, and bass is perfect (thru cans at least). It’s quite chaotic but manages to not fall apart. Solid work.

Wow. This is great!

Thanks dudes B)/>/>

yes, all renoise, did some minor post processing in wavelab (rendering in effects).

Here’s some chillout music for contrast;

Did this Plaid remix today;


Mo remix;


Mo mo remix;


(original:) Great stuff!

Thanks Cie!

Some glitchyelectronica bonus;


Dubstep remix;


Dam-Funk remix;


Tapping into breakbeat rave vibes;




Made a remix today for a compo held by Dutch radio 3fm;


raps in Dutch, so…

Had problems with the first rappers flow, getting it right on the beat the way I wanted was impossible without chopping the vocal up, in the end I just left it this way…some of his bars also sound off in the original :wink:

Smooth deviation from all the nervous jungle tracks I’ve creating lately;

Another chill out track;