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(Djeroek) #41

Thanks to my cousin Emile who cleared his attic recently, passing his old Amiga gear and disk collection down to my brother, here’s a second run of my old protracker tunes.

He apparently copied a bunch of my modules back in the days, some disks too degraded to recover, but enough to compile another selection of 4 mono channels, 8-bit (w.i.p) jungle-gabber rinsers and what not!

The amiga was hooked up to a philips cdr930 mini audio cd recorder, recording the outputs straight to cd. No touch ups, no vst, just Paula chip goodness :slight_smile: .
released 01 January 1996

Mostly amen breaks & gabber kick filled modules created by me on an Amiga 500 in protracker somewhere between 1994 & 1996. Teen angst ftw!

This album features two tracks from my brother Dennis a.k.a Dj0nas(dino) & one bonus ‘remix’ track (basically replaced the drum channel with an amen work out :)) of an artist I unfortunately can’t credit because of lost details.
tags:8 bitelectronicamigabreakbeatbreakcorecommodoredrilldrum and basselectronicagabberjunglelofiprotrackertrackersNijmegen

Soundcloud examples;

(Djeroek) #42

from my upcoming bandcamp album ‘Super Many Guns’, released somewhere in the first quarter of 2016;


Have been listening to your music for quite a number of years and have enjoyed everything I have heard thus far. Each track has the kind of unpredictability I find extremely engaging, this newest track being no exception to that. I particularly enjoy tracks that showcase your skill with the manic and meticulous, especially drum sequencing and the ability to glue it all together. I also seem to find my body instinctively moving to the rhythm you create, despite myself being a little inept in the art of dancing and perhaps a little self conscious hehe :wink:

Just listening to the tracks in this thread and I’m really enjoying “confessions” (which I am listening to this as I type).

I would like to be more constructive on my commentary, however, I can find no fault with what I hear.

You sir, are a master of your craft and I look forward to listening to anything new you produce.

Having said all of this, also, once I have acquired the final pieces I need to complete my studio, I will return to buying music again and would very much like to support you. Do you have any physical releases? I am happy to donate via your bandcamp etc, though I would really like to own something physical.

Thank you for sharing!

(Djeroek) #44

pm send B)

(Djeroek) #45

Hiphop flip instrumental;


That rhythm shift was nice. It’s subtlety took my brain a minute to realize what just happened.

(emre_k) #47

Loved this one! Has a very solid and engaging motif. It’s repetitive but in a positively hypnotic way!

Good stuff :yeah:

(Djeroek) #48

Oldie breakcore;

(Djeroek) #49

protracker breakbeat track around 1994;

(gentleclockdivider) #50

Wow , so it took me about 2 years to find out Jonas the ;plug xprt. has a new forum name .

Great tracks , as always .

(Djeroek) #51

Another oldie;

(Djeroek) #52

From the touched 3 compilation;

(Djeroek) #53

sort of finished this rmx today, i.o.w not going to spend more time on it, Jungle idms is massive :wink: .

(Quentin) #54

you got a new follower :slight_smile: so nice

(Djeroek) #55

some tracks made in Renoise on a new watmm forum compilation initiative (Jonas & Kamulja);

(Djeroek) #56

In the year 2000, before Renoise, there was cubase + vst(i) rocking homemade loops from hammerhead & rebirth + some hardware :slight_smile: …put some moar stuff in an ep on bandcamp;

(Djeroek) #57

^I’ve put up a 3 part, 39 minute audio marathon on my bandcamp page today featuring sounds created in 2004 using a bunch of different tools. The individual sounds are also included as bonus material/flacs, for those wanting to process further, potentially use in your own work :wink: . Creative commons, non-commercial, attribute + share-a-like license applies.

(Djeroek) #58

Have a track from my Oelek alias on this electronica compilation release;

(Djeroek) #59

Boom bap electronica made from sounds recorded in the analogue studio of the royal conservatory in the Hague in 2006. Sampling a bunch of patches made on eurorack modular gear, eventually using renoise to process with tools, fx, vst and arrange the last couple of years.


(Djeroek) #60

Dunks seems to be mia on these forums for a while now, but I reworked a file he shared here eons ago into some kind of remix;