Jthalamus + Energyxt

I am only in the experimenting stage of this and have had a couple of stability issues with this so far but the principle seems to work and I will carry on trying this out. Here is how to make renoise fully modular though:

You will need:

jthalamus from this page (freeware):

energyXT VSTi/fx:

Note: energyXT is commercial software and the demo will allow you to save your work but not to reload it. This method can be tested though with it.

  1. Load the jthalamus VST into a renoise instrument slot.

  2. Open its editor:

  • On the Input tabbed page the Receive midi from host box should be ticked
  • On the Output tabbed page tick the VSTBUS box and untick the send midi to host box
  • Leave the VSTBUS at 0
  1. Load an instance of energyXT. For neatness I load it as an effect on the master track, it can however le loaded as another instrument in renoise if you prefer.

  2. Open its editor:

  3. Right click to add a VST and choose jthalamus from your VST folder.

  4. Right click on its inputs and outputs so that it is dis-connected from Master in or Out in XT.

  5. Open the jthalamus editor:

  • On the Input tabbed page tick the VSTBUS box and untick Receive midi from host
  • On the Output tabbed page Send midi to host should be ticked.

Now you can connect the jthalamus midi out in XT to a VSTi of your choice in the XT main window, connect the audio out of that VST to the master out in XT. You now should have the ability to sequence notes in renoise but be playing the VST in XT.

When you have got this working you can then repeat the process for each track/ consecutive instruments, in renoise. Just change the VSTBUS number for each instrument each time.

You can now have an input for each track from renoise into XTs modular main window through instances of jthalamus and use all of XTs modular capabilities.


Using the sequencer in XT with this method for multitrack MIDI recording from renoise.

If you plan to do multitrack MIDI recording it is important to do this:

  • Set the midi channel of each instance of jthalamus to a different channel under instrument settings in renoise (VST).

  • Switch the MIDI tracks in the XT sequencer (that you want to record to) to manual record mode

  • Set the Input channel (I.Ch) for each MIDI track to the corresponding MIDI channel for the jthalamus you are routing there.