Juegos de la Infancia - ChildHood Games


Opening a Kindergarden sample to this theme, Winds used Oboe, clarinets, Strings for Chords, etc.

Coments Please.


I love this composition. Especially, the transitions. Great vocals for this one! What VSTs have You used?

Thank you BrainClaim for your words. Well I wil tell it.

As you hear first There´s a sample of Children playing, after There´s a soft piano using Vsti Nexus, and after continues the rest of the song appearing Winds and pad choir voices, These last instruments are played with Samplelord, a very usefull, easy and very cheap vsti. This vsti load lots of formats but in this case I have used Sound Fonts (.sf2).

The percussion (Just cymbals and crashes ) are used only to make better the transitions and any emotive moment High. (Wavs and sf2).

In total 8 instruments in all the song.

And here´s the most important thing in ALL the songs I make = THE CHORDS

Yes, to me , they are the main sections where the songs are builded. first I compose the Chords sections (Piano or Strings), and the next track to work is the principal wind ( Oboe ), the rest are effects and more winds playing to support the song.

The Chords are built using a program made myself (MFC) (My Favourite Chords).

The progressions of chords are constructed by a program that I did some time ago in Visual Basic 6. this is a small history on a determination … I have Always wanted a program that could see all the possible chords on only one screen that is to say 12 tonalities and variants of chords of the same ones, so I started studying Visual Basic 6 and constructed myself my own program. Identical 756 represents 12 tones x 63 chords on only one screen, which is his snag … that needs a screen of more than 17 inches to see all of them. And good this is quite. Thanks for your interest to know of the song, And greetings.!