Juke Music

see: bangs & works vol. 1 & 2

My first reaction to juke was that it was complete shit, though due to the power of mike p. and planet mu, the style is in full development, and is being adapted by other artists. Now I’m starting to like the sound.

first heard breakcore: hated it, liked it, loved it
dubstep: HATED it, liked it, loved it


Juke/footwork music reminds me a little of baile funk & oldschool (Dutch) bubbling music, cheap ghetto production aesthetics catered to inner city dancefloor lubrication. Can take it in small doses, better when white boys like machinedrum take a spin at it & mix things up with other electronic influences.

yeah i’ve seen it mixed up in parties and it seriously works when dropped in the right place in a mix. haven’t heard a proper set of it out though.

kinda reminds me of music, but not much.
i dont think it will be quite as popular as dubstep or whatever, i can see the odd track working on the right occasion.

a tallentless drunk teenager with toy keyboards and a 4 track would probably make something similar.

nice try though, im all for pushing the boundaries, but the idea is to push it into something better.

there was some australian band in the 80’s who were doing this, cant remember the name…
but they were doing it live with all sorts of sound contraptions so you can forgive them for it being a bit shit to listen to.

yes and what africa hitech (mark pritchard & steve spacek) is doing with it is quite marvelous as well. 93 million miles sits nicely in my fav album list of 2011. :)

lots of the “original” footwork/juke (what word do we need to use?) -even on those bangs&works compilations- can sound cheap, unfinished, naive, etc. but, like you said, when people from different habitats start taking it in, you can get real lovely stuff.

eg i quite liked this release (on planet mu as well):

i find the rhythmic patterns more interesting than your average dubstep track.

Pretty much sums up my feelings. Couldn’t believe it when I listened to a couple of Mike Paradinas’ mixes and thought it sounded like a 10 year old playing around on Ableton (badly) with his older brothers record collection. Weak, hardly creative and not inspirational at all!

EG: http://www.factmag.com/2011/08/15/fact-mix-274-mike-paradinas/

My first introduction to “juke” was back in 2007? Anyway, after seeing a few moves I ordered this DVD from Detroit.

As far as I know, “juke” is a regional dance style (Chicago), and I preferred Detroit “jit.” Still do.

Side note: I used to throwdown when I wasn’t an old dad, so urban dance is very interesting to me. Right now I’m feeling the resurgence of bay area “Hyphy.”


Not sure when “juke” became just the music…

Breakcore, hated it, still hate it. Dubstep, hated it, still hate it :)

The mind often balks at ideas outside it’s current schema. Repeated interruptions to this schema often opens the way up for new ideas to take root. It’s part of being human. What matters is when we give new ideas enough time to have a fair chance in our thoughts so then we can test them. If they resonante for us then, we keep them. If not then the memory of the idea is solid enough to pull it back into thought for occasional review.

But we’re all unique creatures, what resonantes quickly for one person never will for another.

I have to say I really can’t get into it. Allegedly it’s really popular, but I have yet to hear any out, (probably the nights I go to) but it strikes me from that videos I’ve seen that it’s music for more singular dancing, of one guy in a circle while everyone else watches. That’s not really what I want from dance music.

I do like the shangaan electro stuff though.

and the similarities of those scenes which have formed (I think) independently are pretty interesting.

Thanks to Mike P, Juke is becoming really interesting.