Lotta bass in this … won’t sound to exciting on laptop speakers.


I really tried to embed but, the help icon and the discussion I found about embedding didn’t help at all.

If anyone knows how to embed soundcloud or bandcamp on this forum, pleeeeassse help me out.

Simply post the direct http (not https) link to the track on soundcloud.

I’ve edited your original post now.

PS. I hope this track was actually made in Renoise, otherwise you’re barking up the wrong tree here :]

thanks you so much … i’m very new …

by chance are you digging the track?

It’s an old post. The newer IPBoard updates killed some of the options and never got them quite right to work since then.
It is btw the first kind of Juke stuff that doesn’t sound annoying.
Still not my piece of cake. (too much of jungle influences which is not my style either)

Depends… Did you make it in Renoise? :]

I don’t really listen to a lot of juke/footwork, but sure, your track has a pretty decent groove to it. I think the low end in your track may need a bit of refinement, as it seems to distort and get muddy at times.

I also feel like you may be missing a “hook”? I was immediately reminded of Out In The Streets by Africa Hitech, which is a favourite track of mine, and obviously has an amazingly memorable hook. Something like that could help push your track to the top of the pile, and keep it locked in peoples’ minds.

As for iTunes, I can’t really say much about your potential success there, because I simply don’t know anything about how that market works :]

Yes this was totally made in Renoise. I used a few VSTs here and there but, the focus of the song is centered around the drum programming. A hook isn’t a bad idea. I’ll see if I can come with something.

I do have a bit of a problem with over-doing my 808 kicks. My tracks are what help me stand out as a DJ where I’m at. The the thing people tend to enjoy the most about my sets is the massive (though sometimes distorted) 808 bass sound.

Nice work anyway, dude. Keep it up! :]