Jump 16 rows and select track?

I’ve just bought a license for v3.2 recently. Though for years I’ve been using older demo versions of renoise 2.x purely for midi sequencing my Akai samplers. I prefer to make jungle music at a 8LPB and 512 blocks and so I jump around the block quite a bit.

As soon as I got everything set up how I wanted and started making a track, I realized that using shift + page down/up doesn’t work to select parts of tracks and jump down rows simultaneously like it did in the older versions. Is there binding to make that hotkey work? or am I screwed and have to go back to older versions?

Weird, it works for me. When I use Left Shift + PgUp/pgDn I get a selection 16 blocks long (v 3.2.2 on windows 10). Remember that the left and right shift keys have different functions in Renoise.

I’m not sure how to change this setting. I did a search in the key preferences, but I didn’t find key bindings for making a selection.

What happens when you try Shift+Arrow keys?

Huh… Yeah L-shift and the arrow keys work just fine but no page jump select. There’s has to be some setting that’s different otb or maybe it’s a bug?! I’m on 3.2.2 right now on windows 10. I opened v2.8 just to see if anything funky is going on with my computer and yeah, it works perfectly fine on 2.8. It look like there’s a new update though. I’ll try that and see if that’s patched or something

YEP! It works in 3.2.4. Time to chop up some amens! yeah