Jump to loop start/end point

When trying to fine tune a loop, I find myself wishing there was a key command to jump to the respective boundaries of the loop as it helps to be able to see the relative levels of the sample at each marker. Is this currently possible?

Consider this as necropost :slight_smile:
Disect it into new pattern via ctrl+alt+k, tune, then join back with ctrl+alt+j

Errr are you referring to a rhythmic loop, like drums? I was more referring to tonal monophonic/polyphonic material, like pads or similar. Different start/end levels are when clicks arise from discontinuities. That’s where I find the need to jump around useful.

Or wasn’t there a dual view or overlay of some sort, that superimposes the start and end point boundaries? I though I read that had been removed? CWITEC TX16Wx soft sample uses this. It’s very useful.