Jump To Row Shortcuts And Non-Standard Lbp

Is it possible to re-define the destination of the F9 thru F12 key jump arbitrarily?


How would they work? I think you might want to really describe how they’re supposed to work. then get someone to code a script to replace f9-f12 behaviour :)

LPB wouldn’t make any difference to whether you would want to jump through quarters or not, writing your tune in measure of something other than 4/4 would and that in no way really relates to the LPB.

But as far as I know there is no way to jump to anything but the quarter divisions which are set up on F9-F12 as default.

I have just noticed the do have weird names in the Preferences menu though.

Jump to Line 0
Jump to Line 16
Jump to Line 32
Jump to Line 48

Even though the line they jump to depends on the length of the pattern.

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Ah thanks - yeah … 0, 16, 32 and 48 labels made me think that they could possibly be defined arbitrarily by the user.


You could try this tool:
You can at least lock it to jump a fixed amount of lines regardless of the patternsize.
Else you can always tweak it to your needs in the script-editor