Jump to specific pattern

Hi guys. Sorry if this one is easy, I just can’t seem to find it…

How can I jump to a specific pattern? Ideally, I would like to map buttons on my controller keyboard to jump to a specific pattern number. Then I can kinda “jam” around with structure ideas.

I’m sure it’s easy just can’t figure it out.


That sounds like a great idea but I don’t think that is possible. Maybe with scripting it’s possible ?

You can do that with the Command Palette tool by Unless


I think this is your answer op

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Thanks for the suggestion. It’s a cool tool, but unless I’m using it wrong I do not think it’s exactly what i need. Mainly because you have to open the command pallete first, then manually type in numbers, deleting them and retyping. Not totally sure how I could map this onto a midi controller, so that at the touch of a button it jumps to a specific pattern.

In bitwig for example you can assign key commands to “launch scene 1” “launch scene 2” etc right up to 40. Was hoping Renoise would have same simple method.

If no tool currently exists, I would be willing to pay someone to create a tool for it. If interested DM me. I imagine it’s a fairly simple one.


Try attached tool, search for “Jump to pattern” in keybindings and assign them

com.shockbroker.JumpToPattern.xrnx (644 Bytes)


Wow that’s IT!!! Works perfectly - thank you so much!!! Was this an existing tool or did you just make it last night?

What’s great about it is that plays from the same point in the pattern when switching, and also remains in time! This is EXACTLY what i was hoping for. Already just jammed out some stuff that i’d never have come up with other ways. I hope other people realise how useful this is!

My deepest thanks!

I just whipped it up as it’s too simple not to, it’s litterally only a handful of lines. Enjoy


Little update that suppress the error when selecting a non-existent pattern

com.shockbroker.JumpToPattern.xrnx (682 Bytes)