Jungle/DNB collaboration?

I’m currently a bit in a creative slump and been procrastinating my productions endeavours as of late… so I thought I could use some input by other peeps to get some projects done. Anyone here interested in making some old school jungle bizniess? Hit me up if you are…

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Bumping this thread because I got no response so far …

Here are some tunes I had in mind when I talked about old school dnb. I’m not restricted to a specific style or subgenre, as long as we use samples and breaks we should be good.

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I’m interested in making this style of music as well. How do you see this? E-mailing .xnrs-files?

Kind regards!

Hey man, yeah E-mailing is fine by me. I’ll send you a PM with contact details.

Hey Idem,

Yeah that’s a good idea. It’s been a while since i made some Jungle.
PM me you details when interested.

Here’s some breakbeat i did:


Hi Dsil

That’s a stomping tune man, big up! Remixing a FFF track, how cool is that? :slight_smile:

I’ve sent you a PM.

If you’d be up for giving some garage or hybrid of it a try… i have this XRNS lying around for like 7 years or so now, bunch of failed collabs on it behind it, so it never really took off into a complete track. I could clean up the XRNS and send it over, LPB12. Intro section and a first main part is pretty complete, but i’d not mind getting rid of the main melody parts and taking it elsewhere. Just curious if there is any interest at all.

You can check a render here if it peaks any interest:

for me the player is greyed out and cannot play :confused:

Raw link for copy and paste:


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