Jungle Drum Track

I’m just getting started in music production and having a dabble with renoise. I’m planning on making a bit of jungle/breakcore and was wondering if anyone might have a some drum track files in any of these styles that they could share or point me to so that I can starting trying to figure out how I might go about creating my own?

One other thing, one kits are typically used for these styles?

if you want the oldschool jungle sound look for breakbeat. there is a pack in this forum try to find it.
the most known breakbeat are hotpant, amen, funkydrummer, tramen just google them and try to find Wav good quality one
If you want breakbeat but with a more modern sound still sounding funky look for the KJ Sawka samplepack . it’s not so expensive and it’s sound really good.

there is multiple ways to make complex drum pattern. if you’re more in the funky stuff you will want to keep the groove of the original drum loop. so you will want to timestrech the loop to the actual bpm and trigger it with the OSXX command
if you want a more mechanical feeling you can slice it (either with the slice function or hand made i prefer this way !) and put the drumshot on separate channel for further processing. you can also layer hit wich mean putting several hit on the same hit to achieve a more complex fuller sound.
PS if you want to make it groovy try to use the delay colonn to put some groove into this robotic line