Jungle Help

Hi everyone, i just got renoise today and would like to start making jungle music, is there any info on how to slice breakbeats up in renoise? Also are there any tricks for sub basslines ect available, im also interested in IDM so if anyone knows of any tutorials for beginners that would be great, thanks :D

Well i have used a few trackers a long time ago so i get the basic idea of how they work but for renoise i think im going to have to learn quite alot, music production in general im ok i guess :D I read somewhere that venetian snares uses renoise, i really like that style of music but the type of music i like most is ragga jungle and the old style jungle where the beats get crazy, Thanks for the link :)

I will probably end up asking loads of beat slicing questions as its what i will be doing most probably :) I went to look for examples in the drum and bass and jungle areas on the songs downloads but there all mp3s i think :)

Cool, video tutorials :yeah: They are by far the best way i learn :D Many thanks for the link :D

slice or offsetting= layering breaks in different tracks. use the 09xx command on combination with note-off and other commands for tricks (0Exx is a good example).

if you want a tutorial .rns mod that could specificaly show you how to chop and layer breaks for dnb/jungle, I could kick you down one or two. Just email me via PM and I will send em to you.

“if anyone knows of any tutorials for beginners that would be great, thanks”

checking out other peoples .rns files, as been mentioned before here, is a great way of learning the program.

There are different routes you can take, but maybe since your new to this…as a quick way making jungle…you could start out loading up some drumloops (‘think’ break , amen etc) in the empty sample slots , if they aren’t perfect 1 bar loops, make sure they are in the sample editor by cutting beginning and/or end.

Now make the bpm between 160 - 170 & make sure the speed = 6. When you go in the ‘instr.Settings’ tab, in the middle you see a ‘sample properties’ window, here you can ‘beatsync’ your imported drumloops, so you can perfectly line up 4 bars into a pattern of 64 steps.

This is a very basic quick way to atleast get a jungly feel, with the speed and making the beats loop. For higher resolution beats you need to play with the retrigger command and/or double the bpm and set the speed to 3.

hey , I made a few patterns that show you what I mean… download the zipped .rns file here :

welcome home.
Renoise is soooo good for beat slicing :)

If you have a midi controller check out instajungle.
Name really says it all; fingertip control live jungle style sample slicing…or just instant retrigger if you don’t get the hang of it propperly :P
works nicely in renoise

Theres so many different ways to go about it all… heres one approach; something I started making the other day…

(it has a couple of vst fx’s, so i included them in the zip…hope you’re a PC user…)
“party-time” sliceup

just a tip with using breaks, or basically anything where you are making it beatsynced, I find it best to re-render a synced instance of the break, etc as a new sample, that way you arent restricted to playing the sample at the same speed throughout the track (without changing the entire track speed anyway…)
Sometimes its handy to have it the other way so you can have a turntable slowdown style effect, etc, but theres nothing saying you can’t have two instances of the same thing with different settings, so its really a matter of preference…

Thanks for the help everyone :yeah: That instajungle looks cool just about to download it, can i run it in Renoise?

Louis i went to PM you but got an error message -

Any examples would be a great help though :D

Ok just sent an email :D thanks for the help :)

Here you go, a couple of rns files… nothing fancy- i’m still learning alot too.


Thanks :D

How the FVCK did I miss this function? This whole time I have been meticulously time stretching my sample in a wave editor and doing all sorts of math and shit to get my breaks to sync perfect… :angry: wow is all I can say- all this expended energy and putting songs up for the night because I was losing my creative energy fooling around time stretching… and they never sounded good. And this little function was there the WHOLE time. Thanks for enlightenment of this guys… I feel better now that things are going to be speeding up in my production, but also hella stupid for overlooking this… i never mess around with the instrument settings unless I am using a vst plug-in.



damn, I can imagine how frustrating that must have been dude…
Before I discovered beatsync I’d wrap the song around the BPM of whatever I was using rather than mess around trying to stretch or shrink things…you have alot more patience than me…