Jungle tune This a gwarn

Hi all
Just thought I’d share the first jungle tune I wrote on Renoise. Did it about 6 months ago. Mix is terrible, I am using 30 quid pc speakers that dont even register anything under like 47-48 hz :rollseyes: So it may be a bit rumbly. Possibly.


loved it. great samples. want to hear more :+1:

nice one really appreciate that man. I think like ALL the samples bar the beats were from Saxon VS. Maverick Soundclash in Leeds, UK. It’s where the famous ‘do you have a license’ sample comes from. There is some great stuff in there.
I wish I had more Jungle to give! That was the first one Id wrote in a LONG time. I used to write strictly jungle back in the day but they were all written on an Amiga and octamed ages ago.
Thanks again man.

I think i have a rip of that one. from 85. I’ll have to have a listen to it again.

would have been cool to hear your jungle made on the amiga :smile:

great tune mate. big up

Hi Justin
Yeah there is some gems in there but I did grab QUITE a bit from there hah.
I actually managed to save and rip about 6 of my amiga tunes b4 all the discs went. if youre interested in a listen. I got about 6 on my youtube channel.

theres a couple more on there too.



Cheers idem much appreciated man

these are really good man. proper 95-96 jump up on the second one. following on soundcloud. :+1: