Juniper And The Black Dog

hey guys,

new track on site. Check

Juniper and the Black Dog at

link available for download there too.

let me know what you think.


An epic sega video game console style melody and a barrage of breakcore drum & bass beats. The song feels like it’s going on forever as there’s so much information being ripped through in so little time. I like the track. Definitely a bit psychotic.

Thanks Conner. Glad you enjoyed it.

Interesting feedback. It does sound like a video game score. Some friends told be it sounds like film score too. I’m happy with that work, which took two days to finish.

That track will be out on a “internet label” (whatever that is) and the compilation will be called Psicotropicodelia Music Vol. 2. Will post links when out.

BTW this was fully done in renoise, from mixing to mastering.


hey dudes,

Psicotropicodelia Music Vol. 2. is out and can be downloaded here

my track is the second one on the compilation btw.



Hey mate.

Listened to the track…

It all sounds pretty grand. My only concern is that the melody doesnt go anywhere… It starts off good, but seems to lose its way. Maybe take a section from the start and use it to refer back to in the song to offer some sort of counterpoint to the listener…

Great stuff otherwise. I enjoyed it!

hey man, thx a lot for the feedback.

I’ve thought that myself and I agree you have a point. There seems to be a lot going on on it, and there is.

The fact was that there was no planning on my mind for that melody, it just came out as result of me jamming with my keyboard, and therefore, to me, it’s a good expression of how I was feeling in that moment. So it will remain as it is.

Again, thx for the constructive feedback and I’m happy you enjoyed it nonetheless. ;)