Juno 6-like chord hold feature?

Hi, I like to play massive old school house chords, but I’m nowhere near skilled enough to smoothly switch between 6 note chords when playing something. On the Juno 6 there’s the classic hold feature where the synth will hold the last chord played until a new one is played - can this be replicated on renoise?

I realise I could enter the chords rather than play them but then you lose the “played” feel. I could also kind of get the sound by deleting the note offs after recording them but then I’d still have to play, and it’d be pretty badly done. It would be extra great if there was a solution to this that allowed me to send these held chords to a VST. I guess the problem I forsee is that it won’t be as simple as ignoring note offs as the next chord will need to overcome the previous


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HI Bonk - Use phrases? Each chord set to a key…