Just 15 Sounds In A Instrument?

Is there anyway I can load up more then just 15 sounds in a instrument ?

I want to be able to fill up the whole key section, is this possible? ;)

16 (00…0F) is the current limitation.

(vvoois:if everybody in the team keeps glimpsing through new implementation features, there won’t be anything left to tell next month)

So- does this mean that ummm… we are getting some kind of special news of some sort next month? I know asking that and expecting an answer would kind of be a looped catch 22 considering what you just said, but it sounds like a clue :rolleyes:

don’t get to excited yet.
maybe he ment the next months due the news that is monthly published on the frontpage.

No it’s not a clue, it’s just that there is currently no clear sight in what stage the first beta for registered users will come around and there aren’t much spoilers left to give away. Adding the topic on the front page would make it serving the mustard after a finished meal.

Well, they’re obviously still ploughing away at it. Best leave 'em to it! Mmmm dinner!

DJ Limon, greetings. :)

if im thinking what your thinking, you shouldnt be thinking what your thinking.
because you wont be able to transpose, any of those samples. without changing static settings.

however, if your thinking about filling those instruments with pitch shifted breaks or shifted one shots, the way to do it would be to
make multiple instruments and use the NUMPAD to switch between them.
-like have the neg pitched amens be one instrument, then the pos pitched amens as the next instrument, an proceed to have them similar to that for your other breaks.

learn to weild the 09XX command, you will become a monster @ mashing!

get an use argurus directwave vsti for the time being.

from the looks of things you may have uncovered 1 of the many secrets of the mysterious version 1.6 xD