Just A Dream


thought I’d share my first really finished Renoise track (I’m using the excellent beatslaughter sample pack :-P). Synth are from Ableton Live + a my trusty steel string guitar :-). Spoken samples are from the ending scene of my all time favorite anime show.

Maybe someone likes it ^^ (all feedback/criticism welcome).


Liked this for the most part, the quirky beats, synth and guitar play are nice. The bassline sound felt a little out of place and cheesy imo, or at least maybe you could do more with it, process it through automation over time to keep it fresh? Anyway, good first track!

Hey, thanks for the feedback. Yeah, the bassline is quite repetitive, I’ll have to work over that again I guess :-).

Lovely drums (Y)

Thx :-).

Nice job!! I like this song. So my style of music… or what I would like to sound like at least. :walkman:

I agree about the bassline. Maybe try it with a different kind off bass? Or put in some short staccato notes? Idk… hard to put the finger on what to do exactly.

Okay, you all got me convinced to go over the bass again :-).

Thx for all the cool feedback!

nice first track, well done. i must agree with jonas that the wobble bassline does sound out of place. it doesnt sync well with the glitchy percussion lines. but don’t mather to much get onto the next track :)