Just An Information

uh, hello… I was… looking for the fruityloops forum… :rolleyes:

yes, this is the right place!

unfortunately, the FL team has discontinued the developement of our great program because they felt that there was no way they could have overcomed ReNoise :(

You probably mean “Traitor”

yes yes thats what o meant :lol:

Aye… I’ve been carried away by things… so much that I actually don’t even know exactly what is it that you don’t know yet…
But is there any need to know? I was there… I am here… yes, been around for some time. Some things happened. Some things didn’t.
I am basicly living the same way… I played W.o.W… I found out YouTube… I’m still working on my “videogames” project… (and soon, the most promising smartheads of the forum will be selected for a massive beta-testing of such videogames) :lol:
Recently I have some health problems which I will not translate in this place.
Nothing bad, it seems, so I’m following therapy and everything.
I had a bad pair of months in bed with antibiotics and exams.

:) Heh… never, you know. Altho I had the temporary temptation of being totally absorbed by W.o.W… but in the end I didn’t allowed the powerfull drug.

What to say? I don’t want to come out with no “I’m back”… cause I know (and you do too) that you never know what’s going to happen… :)

Good to see you here again. You allways had something intressting to say.
Are you working on a videogame is the music or as a designer too?

I might become a fulltime gamedesigner in the future. I´m partly designing mobilegames at the moment.

So if you want any help I might be able to give you some ideas though I don’t have that much time to give away :(

Glad you think so :lol:

I’m doing everything except coding, at the moment :ph34r:

Yes! I always listen to everyone ideas… the worst it happens is that I explain why it can’t be done :) Actually we have some (good?) ideas already… true… but that doesn’t mean I can’t listen to new and hopefully better ideas :lol: