just bought renoise 3 and have a general Q to the tools

i am looking in the tools and wondering why the downloads for 3.0 are going to be half or less for usefull tools since 2012(or 2011) to 2014

is renoise user base shrinking and i have bought a software wich users leaving now ?

Tools have a no-crash policyif they are to be on the tools page, please visit the tool forum instead. 3.0 was released last year, so of course that page will be much smaller, and many tools are backwards compatible with 2.8 so some new tools ended up in the 2.8 category.

Not sure. Part of it is definitely that a lot of simple and much needed tools were made and finished after LUA was introduced. It’s getting harder and harder for avarage tool makers to come up with ideas that are simple and useful enough to make.

Personally, I’m mainly using Studio One now, but I think anyone who has learned Renoise will always consider it a very useful tool to have access to.

Can only speak for myself here, but 3 out of my 4 tools still work fine in Renoise 3 and there was simply no need to make an extra version for V3, the one tool which needed some work was updated. Suppose it’s similar for others. A lot of the 2.8 Tools will be auto upgraded and work fine.