Just bought Renoise for breakbeats, any tips?

(ffx) #21

I actually now don’t know how your post was meant, @OopsIFly. Maybe I completely misunderstood. Whatever. Renoise forever!!


Renoise is good for chopped breakbeats with the reverse and pitch down/up by pattern effect commands. Also the effects per sample is a great thing. Plus the filtering and layering you can do.

As for the splicing of one part of a drum into another, like taking the punchy attack from one snare and pasting at the start of a deeper body snare. Maybe adding a tail from yet another snare. I can see how the colour highlighting in cubase might be better to remember of which parts a snare sound is composed. In renoise, once they are all pasted together, it might be difficult to find each part separately for further editing.

I would really like a ‘clone’ function in the keyzones. To ‘tie’ keys with identical sample and fx. So that I could place the individual chopped hits symetrically on my pads without having to copy the sample and effects…for practising left and right side when drumming. Getting good on the hats with both hands.