Just bought Renoise for breakbeats, any tips?


Currently going through the manual and experimenting

Trying to use Renoise for breakbeats.

Thanks guys, going through this stuff now

(herodotas) #2

Search Youtube. Many videos about breakbeat stuff.

(stoiximan) #3

Basics playlist

Also check Brian Johnsons Youtube channel. https://youtu.be/UQNx5V_AVdU

(Djeroek) #4

Also check out the supplied breaks, instruments that are supplied with a fresh renoise install, or downloadable in the downloads section.

(Zer0 Fly) #5

Get/buy/download some classics breakbeat samples collections and start chopping! Amen, brother, think about the funky drummer doing the apache dance!

(Widowsson379) #6

He beat me to the question! I’m new to Renoise as well and looking to make Aphex Twin and Venetian Snare type breaks.

(ffx) #7

Uhm, I don’t know, if your decision to buy Renoise for breakbeats was such a wise decision… Did you know that other DAW are capable of much more regarding sample mangling and also usually support HQ time stretching? Renoise only provides very basic sample operation.

For example, this looks like real fun and a very fast workflow:

(Widowsson379) #8

I saw that too! Very very tempting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

(m.arthur) #9

renoise a bad choice for breakbeat? why are you even here, @ffx. the hell you say.

renoise / tracking is ideal for breakbeats, always has been, always will be.

if you think it “only” has “very basic sampling operation” the problem is just you, I’m afraid. Just the sample commands alone in the tracker interface provide a wealth of mangling that goes beyond the abilities of any other DAW on the market.

(ffx) #10

no the problem actually is u, obviously

I find it pretty curious, that some people still want to deny reality, and seem to never have used Cubase or something. I didn’t say that Renoise is not good, but for this specific usage, chopping and manipulating Amen…? Do you like self torture or what is this. I don’t get that. Ok, just go on…

(jljosh02) #11

For clean, choppy/glitchy sounding breaks use the slice tool and add effects such as gating, compression, short decay in ADSR, etc.

For breaks that keep the original groove I would suggest using sample offset (0SXX in the effects row, find the number that corresponds to where you want to slice in the sample).

(orrigans) #12

I don’t make breakbeats myself but I was always under the impression that Renoise is fantastic for that specific application. There are tools you can download for time stretching and that kind of stuff. There’s also an instrument pack with a TON of breaks already sliced up and stuff, you might wanna check that out too. Plus sample editing and mangling capabilities are insane. Once you dig in, you can do incredibly wild stuff without breaking (pun intended) much of a sweat.

Obviously you can do whatever kind of music you want in whatever DAW you want but I imagine it would be a little tougher in traditional ones like Cubase or Logic, maybe I’m wrong though, it’s not a style I’ve ever messed with.


Hello orrigans.

An instrument pack with lots of breaks for Renoise? Do you know what it was called so I could search for it myself? Thanks

(orrigans) #14

Here ya go: 200 Breakbeat Instruments

(Raul (ulneiz)) #15

About the Mulab 8. The lack of Renoise is basically that the work area is not prepared to do multiple operations with the mouse. That is, you can not manipulate the waves of the samples at that level. It is far from that. To do this you have to create new sample slots and paste the pieces that interest you into them and enter them in phrases or directly in the pattern editor or use the slice marker. It is another way of working. In both ways you can compose this style, but they are not the same. Renoise is not really thinking about advanced use with the mouse. You just have to observe the basics that are with the automation editor. In my humble opinion, Renoise would improve a lot if the mouse had many more options and more power for its 3 main buttons, left, center and right. But for that, the GUI must be prepared for the mouse to react according to the specific area that it is using.

You know. You use keyboard commands a lot. When you use the mouse, you will see certain limitations. Maybe this is part of the discussion?

I myself make my own tools, the API (which is something else) does not even differentiate between the left, middle or right button of the mouse. Everyone does the same action. I mention it because they are details that maybe we do not think. That is, focus attention on a specific area, use the left button, the middle button or the right button for different operations. Combine it with the CTRL, ALT, SHIFT, or all its variants for another kind of operations. All that would have to be under the hood of Renoise. That’s what makes the difference between one software and another.

(ffx) #16

I actually find that if there is one superiority in pianoroll/horizontal DAWs over Renoise, then it is it’s sample mangling ability, being able to slice and fine-edit samples directly within the arrangement, non destructively, so you also directly see what you are editing/hearing. Renoise is a nice sampler and the pattern view has a lot of benefits for composition, but slicing? It is so indirect, pretty hexlocked and slow in workflow. Even in Cubase SX, you already could quickly load a rex or sample file, slice it and then fine edit every single slice and transient, with sexy spline curves, transitions, fadein/out and so on, all missing in the slice thing of Renoise (at least, visually). Maybe you can do the same in Renoise in the end, but in a pianoroller, the workflow will be much faster and more intuitive. That’s all what I am saying.

(Widowsson379) #17

No offense taken. I think it boils down to how you like your workflow. More visual people will need to see a piano roll or direct wave manipulation. Heck, in the early ‘90s all I had was CoolEdit and a CS1X and visual was all I had. There is something to be said about the tracker format though. Fine tuned manipulation instead of zooming in on wave forms by using offset numbers. You can fade-in and fade-out, retrigger, reverse, etc. by using effect commands in the effect column. Aphex Twin showed that he used a tracker to make his album, Drukqs. It is very possible, just depends on how you want to do it.

(Zer0 Fly) #18

Any tips for using the renoise forum…

Try to ignore the people/trolls constantly dripping bitter ivy into the board about renoise being feature incomplete, demanding it to become…future complete. Its a futile trap, and once you start spamming the ideas&suggestions forum you know you will become like them™. Talking against instead of just ignoring, like I am doing right now, is even worse, u risk being crucified…

We all know that renoise is small product and not perfect, and the main point is - it is special for its keyboard driven tracker interface with a direct trackersampler integration, and that is why people would choose renoise over other software. If you like renoise, try to get to know to this special mode, learning keyboard shortcuts and then composing solely by pc keyboard, like editing a large excel table, while seldom touching the mouse. That is the tracker feel, that is why certain people use renoise and not cubase, despite of it not having all the pro features.

(ffx) #19

No, it exactly the opposite, the Renoise “community” went down the drain because of people acting like you, Zero Fly, now accusing me that I was “in bitter ivy” and “insulted” your holy grail, but actually just tried to give the op a hint for a maybe more convenient workflow using basic logical conclusion about existing and non-existing features. Where did I wrote I want this or that added? The point is, a normal discussion is often not possible in here anymore, because a bunch of people have raised their egos in such a weird way, because they use Renoise and believe to be more intelligent than any other people, but in reality, just denying simple logical conclusion. Actually, not a single comparison is possible in here, because very quickly some big ego will be insulted or you already think Renoise was bashed, which actually did not happen.

Renoise is perfect, just go on, be Aphex Twin.

(Zer0 Fly) #20

Thank you for your condolement,
I do also love you…
I just thought it was funny for someone,
who wanted to know how to get the most out of renoise,
being told what would be better than renoise,
Instead of what renoise is and what it is special about it,
yet I love him just as much as I do love you.