Just Bought Renoise Tonight, Here's A Song I Wrote.

Yeah, so I’ve been using Renoise for years now, but always the demo version. I finally purchased 2.8 tonight. :)

So here’s a song I wrote with it. What do you think? :3


a solidly built song, with entertaining changes. really a good effort for a first song in Renoise

Heh, thank you, although this isn’t my first song in Renoise. Like I said, I’ve been writing with Renoise for years, howevever I’vejust got around to actually purchasing it now. The very first song I wrote with Renoise was this:

But anyways, thank you. :)

Great track, I could recommend some more mastering, maybe fatten up the bass/etc, but nonetheless it’s really good. Did you make these vocals yourself? Enjoying them lots. :D

That definitely does not sound like a first track:)

The op says years of playing with the demo, you can create a lot of stuff with the demo without releasing it…
I don’t assume it as a “first track” either. More of debut…

Oh, I released stuff with the demo, just by recording the stereo mix live into Audacity. Like I mentioned earlier, the very first song I wrote and released with the 2.5 Demo is the track Forward which I released under Jophish. That was my first Renoise track. Before that, I had been using Milkytracker for around a year, and before that, LSDJ. So I probably should have said that this song is the first track I’ve released since purchasing Renoise. I’ve released plenty of other stuff written with Renoise before this. But thanks so much you guys. I’m really glad you enjoy it. :)

Lol you hit the ground running with renoise! Wow. <3