Just *display* Values For Dsp Effects Rounded..

… but use them as the user entered them!

And in the case of the filter(s), I wish there would be one more digit, for hi-pass filtering the low end… it’s kinda coarse IMHO.

If you want more resolution you have to use the Automation window.

duh… which is why I posted this suggestion :rolleyes:

There’s been loads of suggestions for expanding pattern command, both number of and resolution. Think many people would like to see alphanumeric x and hexadecimal y in xxyyyy format to give more commands with more precision.

OIC, there is a misunderstanding.

I’m not talking about pattern effects at all, but simple about track DSPs and the input boxes next to the sliders.

entering 0.0001 should result in ~0.00 being displayed, but internally it should keep 0.0001, you see?

if you enter 5.00000035 it displays ~5.000 or something like that.


Ahh I see. Like the BPM box works. Yeah that makes sense although not run into problem myself. Sorry for misunderstanding.


it’s not like I need super accurate values most of the time… but for the hi-pass filter it kinda sucks.

so yeah, it can’t hurt, and it can be very useful when you do need it… so I kinda consider this a win-win must have :)