Just finished another track right now


Any and all feedback is welcome, whether it be composition related, mixing, or something else is completely fine. I tried to go for more of an melodic vibe, my school doesn’t have music theory classes for students that don’t have previous knowledge. But that’s not an excuse to not try and learn, so i’ve mainly been writing stuff down and i actually printed out a pdf file of a music theory for electronic producers guide using the school’s printer before the pandemic, so i spent a lot of time reading and learning.

But never applying, so let me know what you guys think about it, i probably failed to be honest, but that’s fine, i need to actually at least make something, so that i’ll have experience and learn.

I took the alarm for Bioshock 1, and tried to make a synth out of it, it kinda sounded like the one for Da Funk, with the MS-20 filter, the one has that extra drive, at least i think that’s why it makes that sound, so i put it in the song as well. Honestly it probably wasn’t a good sound or idea, but that’s why we learn from mistakes right?

I’m probably starting to ramble now, so i’m gonna end it here, thank you for taking the time to listen, and i hope you enjoy, i look forward to discussing with you guys.

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Good work my only complain would be the volume it goes up very loud in some parts

Sorry for the extremely late reply, and thanks for giving feedback, i’ll try to control the dynamic range just a little more in my next song, have a nice evening.

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