Just got me a copy of Renoise. I'm blown away.

Hey guys. New here.

I finally got a copy of Renoise last night after battling with my bank who were convinced Avangate was a company I shouldn’t trust. It took me an hour to have them remove the block on my card! By the time I purchased I fell asleep. But after using it for the past 5 hours I’m amazed.

I’ve never really used a tracker apart from Nitro Tracker on the DS, and MilkyTracker on Linux. I loved them, but I always felt limited. After using Logic and Ableton for 8 years I decided I need a change. I have been inspired by what artists like Lindsay Lowend do. I’m a big fan of sexy chords and the glide features in Renoise are beyond anything else I’ve used.

I’m glued and addicted to this tracker. Well done Renoise, I’m a huge fan! Well worth the money.

Welcome to Renoise!

Cool, sounds like you’re well on the way to creating some great music!

battling with my bank

But in the end you managed to convince them :slight_smile: Makes me wonder on what basis they arrive at the trustworthiness of any e-commerce solution. I mean, I’m definitely seeing avangate receiving a lot of flak online, but it’s largely down to people who misunderstand what an e-commerce service is in the first place.

Hoping that the bank has a better way of determining this than going to, say, trustpilot.
Because … I guess that’s what they did in this case

Welcome on board!

I also have been using Nitrotracker on my DS, it’s great for scetching ideas on the run and then import the track into Renoise. :slight_smile: