Just Listened To Some Renoise Songs ...

…awesome, just awesome.

e.g. 1.9 demo songs, some BeatBattle 5 stuff.

Many are exactly the sort of stuff that really floats my boat :dribble: :yeah: :D

Still not sure if much of this could be done easily on my other hosts (FLS, Reaper, Cubase VST, Reason 4, Live 6 etc.) but … bloody hell, they don’t half sound (and look) good playing in Renoise.

My hand is hovering over my wallet now…

were all holding our breath

Hmm … is that the sweet smell of sarcasm …?

nah not really. anyway who am i to speak for all of us…

…go for it! And don’t let some of the kids on this forum put you off buying Renoise, the dev and his crew are solid and worthy of your money :D

Stop hovering and buy Renoise, you will never find a better way to spend your money… its an investment for life :)

Well we got a large community to backup for support if you have any troubles with it.
I would actually recommend trying to make some music and test the community as well before shelling out.
I know you will probably do eventually.

best software evar! do it! do it! do it!

Leave the wallet and use Paypal instead ^_^
Haha, let me convince you!

For example. what does a month of high speed dsl subscription cost?
Well, something priced near the Renoise license… great, one month :unsure: yay.

With a Renoise license you get YEARS of support and a good feeling :walkman:
You support the devs, and we support you all the way along on the forums and you
still respect the retro coolness that just shines right out the Renoise window… B)

For some reason, when i payed for my license, Renoise still doesn’t feel that commercial.
More like a l33t music composing tool for all the needs… :yeah:

The Pathologist: By the look of your avatar, I take it youre a Basic Channel-fan? :)

ez misk.

I mixed a few of tracks down a bit better if you fancy a listen some time.


And yeah, just f****ing buy Renoise. Jesus, it is excellent.