[just map it] Keyboard Shortcut For Pattern Repeat /

I would like to have a keyboard shortcut for pattern repeat, now I have to click the box on the leftside of the patternnumber, I would like to strike the “forward slash key” for this function.

(On my keyboard this is the button on the rightside of “NumLock” on the nummeric keypad. Just like Cubase)

Thank you!

pattern loop play is ALT GR (the right ALT key), or I misunderstood you?

maybe you need a shortcut to enable the loop when the pattern is already playing?

I mean a shortcut instead of clicing the little square next to the patternposition, to stop the song advancing to the next position.

I think I need “toggle loop pattern” I don’t have an “equal” button iether, but I will try to remap it, thanks!

+1 for this. Especially useful in a live context when I don’t want to rely on the mouse to much.

Isn’t the NumpadEqual the button under the +, the one that says Enter?

no, that is NumpadEnter.

Maybe is a special character available only on laptops fake-numpads (the ones which are enabled using the Fn key).

Anyway butka: the function is already present, no need for a +1 here. You simply have to remap the “Global => Transport => Toggle Loop Pattern” function to a key of your choice.

I love that I learn new things every day!