Just registered a soundcloud account

…and uploaded a few tunes of mine =) tell me what you think!

Beautiful composition. Is that VST or the real thing? I like the way tempo changes, but I would want slightly more dynamics for notes. And I could try slightly brighter sound.

But I am not pianist nor very good mix engineer, so freely question my advice. Anyway, the composition sounds great. Is that your own song?

Sanctity? (the piano one)

It’s …well, -was- one of the excellent .xrni (sample based) instruments in the backstage site (puremagnetik grand piano) I modified it and added extra velocity layers by interpolating the original 3 (hehe) using sox and some “clever” keyzone mapping… anyway this is what the result sounds like, personally i love it!!

Thanks for the compliment on the tune :D !!! yeah, i composed it, originally for a girl i liked very much… several years ago.

doh… corrected the link :D sorry about that!

i like it. :)