Just Registered

Guess what I got for my birthday. That’s right: Renoise! Just had to tell it to people who understand this über-joy with no further explaining :slight_smile:

:lol: :yeah: :yeah:
Happy Birthday! :) and happy composition! :D
You have put your hands over your new companion for the next part of your life :)
Just for you: the Scenology University has made a list of reasons making Renoise better than your girlfriend.

Renoise - It doesn’t goes back to mom’s house.
Renoise - It doesn’t call you on phone the morning after
Renoise - It doesn’t have cold feets
Renoise - It doesn’t require “atmosphere” to make you feel good
Renoise - It doesn’t leave you if you try out another software
Renoise - It does what you never dared asking for


Hehe, funny stuff in the battle-of-the-sexes stereotypical way. Actually most of the points you made also apply to my gf :slight_smile:

Welcome to us, young padawan, renoise your renoising days as renoise as you ever can renoise.


(now that’s just crazy talk)

Hehe, you’ve come to the right forum anyways!!

may the velocity be with you and you never run out of CPU. Or just have fun. :D

…many wise words from many… ehum… wise… men.


Anyway, Welcome raina!

(nice ones Parsec :))

welcome :P

may there be many updates till your next birthday :)

Yeah, and we don’t even try… :D

There is no such thing as a registered copy of Renoise booting up.


Very funny, had me laughing!

I like this one…considering the PlugIn :)

okayokayokay, before I get into trouble because 10billion users would ask ‘what’s wrong with atmosphere?’ : Nothing, it’s great. Just a joke.

what’s wrong with atmosphere?


Apparently there has been reported some strange behavior with Atmosphere. :)


:lol: :lol:

I’m back: I was away for work during this week.

Now, on the topic:
what’s wrong with Atmosphere?

Welcome to Renoise :) Have phun here ;)




welcome, I know youll enjoy your new present