Just released an all-Renoise EP called "Yin"

(Dry Eyes) #1

Hey, I released a new EP called “Yin” on Bandcamp. Its a celebration of the female sex, as well as the moon, receptiveness in general, emptiness, and darkness (as in the space between stars). In other words, the yin part of yin and yang in ancient Chinese philosophy.


It will also be available in most major online music stores, as well as streaming services most likely within the week. But get it on Bandcamp, its pay-what-you-want and you can get lossless FLACs!


  1. Touching the Moon
  2. From the Lips
  3. Two Women
  4. Siren Song
  5. Feminine Order
  6. The Woman and the Spirits

(The Empty Self) #2

1st 2 songs sound like the soundtrack of a wuxia film

i like it :slight_smile:

(Dry Eyes) #3

Thanks! Glad you liked it!