Just Scrolling Through The Forum...

…anyone else experience this?!?

many times I’m just telling myself it’s that there is no PDC yet in Renoise or something else like there’s allways a BPM of 620 that affects all the delay plug-ins etc. . . … . . . and then I come to the forums to see if there is any news about these things… and just basically start hanging around.


I’m just wondering why I am not for example slicing up my samples or something… =D

yeah =)=) mmh… That might work =D =D

I admit that renoise forums is the most addicting forum on the net.

You have obviously not been on www.encyclopedia-dramatica.com my friend.

you cant possibly be tracking all the time.
it would not mean anything if you do something all the time…

It could mean you’re obsessive lol ;)