just sharing..

its good to share, right?

ive been playing with rebirth rewired to renoise, figured out how to trigger notes from renoise via midi; i find it unbelievably frustrating to program. however i cant work out how to (and if) i can trigger up/down/slide/accent.

result: made this over the weekend, mostly…


any feedback is welcome!
ive realised its not nearly ‘loud’ enough but blah my speakers have a volume knob so im not so fussed right now…

more of an issue is that snare. it sounds better than it did previously but its still winding me up. i feel like theres too much white noise and not enough ‘crack’… but when i try to filter out the top end it just loses its definition altogether. snares have been winding me up for a while, they just always sound wrong. ive been using one i ripped off a korn track but i just feel guilty using it, i feel like i should make my own. any tips…?

oh and i made cake! which i would also share if i could digitise it

got a great track going! im getting a kind of race game vibe, the snare seems to blend well to me, but im on some laptop speakers. sounds pretty complete as is. maybe some master eq tweaking? or break it down and build a different section for a while.
the snare sounds like a 808 kit so i wouldnt feel too guilty, those samples are everywhere. you could play with some compressors if you need more punchy “loudness”. might want to layer with other sounds for character. maybe jack up the gain and use a volume envelope for initial attack. or run it through a guitar amp sim for more power.
just some ideas.
and the digitized cake was good, except being in a zipfile did something to it i dont know…
good luck, hope to hear more progress and tracks sharing! ja!
heres my share:
banging around drumkit

upon closer inspection, its even more awesome. it gets pretty noisy on 2:28 machine gun breakdown yer probably just worrying too much. this track is just getting started! Keep going! i’m thinking 6-8 min?

one test with a snappy snare layer and compressor+eq :test1, test2

Thanks for the reply !

I like the diy kit; had a quick mess around with it in the track, it really fills it out. Ive resolved to put together some xrnis of my own … right now actually you’ve inspired me haha. also, people were doing works on the railway track outside my flat last night - ive got plenty of drills and hammers recorded, very low quality, but still im quite pleased :)

checking out some freeware guitar amp sims too, i havent used these before.