Just started using Renoise and it rocks already

Hi everyone,

As introduction here’s some Goa produced by me in a sunny Saturday morning using Renoise for the first time… hope you like the stuff… Please feel free to criticize.

Love Renoise,
Skabah (Csaba Szilveszter) from Transylvania

This is actually very good ! Even more if you say its your first day using renoise! You got talent man !

Thanks… I owe Renoise a lot (and I owe the folk-song a lot too cause I remixed it), have been using other DAWs but they just wasn’t powerfull or songwriter-friendly… Renoise just makes me throw my MIDI controllers out the window and lets me concentrate on the composition… creative power!

BTW, I’ve just been listening to songs you posted… those are some sick beats man, hope I’ll follow in your footsteps… ;)