Just Thought I'd Say Hi

greetings from Houston Texas

I’m new to renoise and the community so i thought i’d pop in and say hello.

I like to give mad props to the devlopers and every one who made renoise what it is by far my favoite audio program.

Its cheep ts addicting and i wont get arrested for using it.


Mike c :walkman:

welcome :)

Then you’re not using it properly :lol:


btw, don’t forget to get the renoise-tatto, it’s mandatory for all registered users.

Renoise is a revolution machine… if used properly, it can bring down entire empires. Yes, even the infamous Alec Empire. So can you get arrested for using it? Hells yes. Some would even go as far as to argue that you should strive to accomplish that goal.

Exactly. :ph34r:

Damn, that’s some good ink! :P


Damn! They said tattoo Mike, not a bubble gum sticker!! :P


That picture is just downright scary

Well. I’m back after a long break!

So Release 1.9 with multicore support is out!
Great! I’ll have to get it!

Edit: Downloaded and installed! Wow! It looks better! :dribble: