Just To Say Thanx And Hello

greetings. i m a new member here . i have used some years before renoise demo and before 3-4 days just buy it.
i m here just to share some results using renoise in crunchbang linux

at this time i am playing a demo song in renoise with something like 20 tracks and a lot fx (it-alien - complex life) in my acer aspire d150 netbook (atom 1.66 and 2g ram), using only the onboard sound card, jack 2, and liquorix kernel…
maximum cpu usage in renoise 80 - 85%…
what will happen when i plug my lexicon omega in the netbook??
i m a happy man!!!
as a comparison using the same netbook, the same onboard card and windows 7 with ableton live i can only load 3 tracks with kick, snare hihat etc, no fx and i had 50-60 cpu usage…
thank you crunchbang and renoise!! :)

Another crunchbang fan here :slight_smile:

i’m on crunchbang myself, but still go back to my win7 (dual-boot) when i want to use Renoise, because i have not yet been able to set up Jack properly. this is no surprise, since i am using linux since 3 months ago. a lot to learn. but #! rules as much as Renoise does, that much is obvious already.

welcome and enjoy :)