Just Wanna Say Hi

Hi There …

I’m new 'ere … Just wanted to say a big WASSUP to all you peeps on here !!! …

Love using Renoise … Sure i’ll find a few things to ask you all about sooner or later though !!!

I mostly use the program for composing HIP HOP … Especially Britcore style … :yeah:

Can I shamelessly plug my crew ??? …

Thanks to Renoise for making a great program …


Hi Iceking! Welcome to Renoise! I think you’ll find Renoise great especially the control you can have programming your beats… If you have any questions just fire at will :)

welcome aboard, iceking!
enjoy your stay, relax and take a deep breath.
your previous life, plagued by inferior and cumbersome music software products has finally come to an end.
ultimately, you have found the fount of salvation.
good luck. (not as if you’d need it… ) ;)

Welcome to Renoise iceking. :yeah: