K-Seq Scalar Beta

I’ve made a fancy looking midi sequencer for anyone to tinker with. I’ve left all features unlabeled to encourage exploration, or for live performance technique-obfuscation.

The sequencer sends midi messages out of hardware or emulated midi routing. To select your midi-out port, click the black box in the top-right. To make the machine do something, hit the green box in the top left. The sequencer is called “Scalar” because it scales the subsequent row’s BPM by the variable set above. Notes = Pink, Transpose = Cyan (stochastic in order and +/-). The slider on the left controls note-length. Midi channel for each row on right. Enjoy!

K-SEQ Scalar Beta (Win)

K-SEQ Scalar Beta (OSX)

cool stuff Eric.
i’m getting some cool grooves because of how laggy midi timing is on this computer.

figured out a good way to record the output in renoise?

fantastic! i haven’t implemented any audio recording options or transport syncing yet. either of those would be great additions.