Kaizoku @ Great Prize Of Netherlands


For those interested in either dubstep, Dutch ramblings or ‘Renoise made music’…

Kaizoku are competing in the GPNL (Great Prize of Netherlands) which is a music award for upcoming artists in Holland.
We made it to the semi-finals with our angry dubstep, which are being held tonight on a radio show on djbroadcast.fm!
It features an interview (in Dutch, alas) and a liveset containing our latest material.

So, for those interested and with nothing to do: tune in on djbroadcast.fm
at around 19:00 (UTC/GMT +1 hour)! There also seems to be voting involved. Just so you are warned. Yes, this was spam.


CONGRATS!!! Can’t tune in though, someone should record the whole thang.

I love that flyer/album cover jpeg.

Good luck for the GPNL.

gl hf!

podcast released: http://www.djbroadcast.nl/podcast/id=658/episode.html

Geen wonder, Goed spul in die 20 minuten zeg!
goed bezig!

Kick those skulls in!

Thanks guys!! :D We had a blast, fun times!! Turned out to be an intellectual conversation about mine refineries, coke and women… And now we await the judges… Will keep you posted, thanks for the support!!

No finals…oh well, Kaizuko still rocks!

Yeah, no finals. We’re not minimal-house enough :( And we shouldn’t have stated we make music for coke and women. Oh well :) Thanks for the support!

The Vsnares part sounded so old compared to the real deal following it :P
I couldn’t hear too well in the announcement if that was original vsnares or a remix done by you.
Perhaps a comfort against the match-results, a pity you didn’t went on.

Yeah, associating yourself with drugs and alcohol is usually never clever.