Kaizoku - Pirate Dub

really liked the intros to above the law and something in the blood. but i just didn’t like the basslines. but that’s just me. i’m sure songs like these would wrip dancefloors ;) . the bass skills are technically sick though.
rotterdamned was my favourite overall. other than that the only bit of criticism i can think of was that the mixes weren’t the cleanest in the world, but hey that’s not exactly a bad thing.

These are some pretty serious tracks. It reminds me a little bit of Reso - Armored Core track which is sick as well. I like the vocals too.

Also, we were in the finals of the GPZH 2010 (Great Prize of South Holland) and we’ve uploaded our set for those interested. Twenty minutes of mid-range screaming dubstep. This one is downloadable.

We got first place and grabbed the audience favorite prize :D

I listened to Above the Law. I like the melodies, they remind me of the good ol’ botb, it’s good to hear.

Nice bass, near the end after the breakdown you have a quite complex relationship between the bass and the drums, I LOOOOVE that… but thinking about it, do you think the dancing crowd likes it? Just wondering…

But I think there’s a slight mixing problem in Above the Law, I’m not sure because I lack experience in this field, but it seems that when you have your bass, the whole thing seems to lack a bit in the high freqs… maybe the bass could be less low-passed to let it peak… I can’t put my finger on it…