Kallipolis - My Love For You Expands


very long intro, pardon that.

the dubstep i enjoy listening to. gj. :)

excellent, and I loved the intro too :)

woo skip commented on ur tune. big fan of him.
do you know him?

Yes!! :w00t:

i’ve known skip (through the internet) for about a year. i run THEM Records (http://themrecords.com) and was happy to have him release through us, i mean them ;)
if you don’t have it, download his releases “Intimethod” here http://themrecords.com/them008/ it’s fantastic :D

I hear some good improvements since the earlier version :)
Got any more dubstep cooking?

thanks patto :D
not at the moment. i’m making hip hop when i have the time, and plan to release more mushen.

Ah that’s why botb is on there as well! Nice!

And ofcourse I know that record! It’s fuckin sweet. Going For Third is always a moodchanger for me, in a very good way! ^_^

love it, strongly agreed about shortening the intro tho.

Nice chilled tune, definitely one for kicking back and blazing up!

Oh and didn’t realise you were the THEM head honcho. Good label, nice work mate :)

I like the intro part mostly!

:D I’ll keep it