Kambra - Off Off On Hunger

Here’s what I did the last three days. This is my very first public renoise track [except some crude DDRC entries ;) ]. Like a lot of other people I’m a complete mixing noob. Any comments appreciated. Thanks.


PS. Any genre suggestions? I don’t care about genres, but maybe soundcloud does…

Is it that bad?

I know this probably isn’t everyone’s preferred style, but I’d really love to have some comments on this. I worked hard, trying to do some delicate sound manipulation in the background, while keeping the overall harsh monotone feeling. Please tell me what you think, I can take negative comments. Thanks.

interesting feeling, it gives me some visions, something close to “the thing” from j. carpenter ; or it could be a perfect ost for a survival horror movie, or a background track, in a creepy fps game where you’ve got to inflitrate a place filled with mutants

I like it, it’s like an industrial heartbeat, would fit right into a game or a movie, like ‘The Thing’ which is one of my favorite movies. :)

Hey, thanks guys! “The Thing”? Never watched it, but it seems to be pretty intense. :lol:

one of the best horror film of all times,
the crazy thing about it is that vfx are done with the old good animatronics methods
and I find them very impressive even if the movie’s gone old

the infected people once revealed become very agressive and really horrifying
the movie has some really shocking dynamic moments
and some more static group reaction observations
where you observe the people
and where you try to “guess” who’s infected or not

Brooding, minimalist… I like it.

Thanks man. :)