Kaoss Pad Tricks

I recently bought a kaoss pad 3. I’ve been using it to process the audio signal of my gameboy that is running lsdj. I have yet to start using its sampling functions, but I will soon because I’m buying an sd memory card today. Could anyone give me some tips on cool things to do with the kaoss pad specifically for live pa kind of stuff?

watch this and learn :wink:

Wicked!!! :yeah:

I found it cool but hard to use in the beginning. Then I midi slaved it to my sequencer. Now loop fx are very good tools for transitions, feed kp3 a song, hold the pad starting at the right, now you can stop whatever you are feeding the kp3, sound will continue, muckabout with the finger on the pad while setting up a new sound to feed the kp3 then release and booom! Also for mixing with recorded loops it is good fun to shift+A to D to play around with the 8 slices of your recordings…