Kaossilator-like NoteSelect

So yeah I’ve been down to the store today and they let me test drive both a KO2 and a mini KP2… both had only the batteries, so no SD card, just playing a little bit, and because the chances are still quite slim I’m gonna get one for my birthday I’ve made one DSP chain that tries to resemble the noteselect style on the KO2 pad…

The X:Y pad and the first formula actually contain most useful controls. It was a bit of a workaround still of course, it’s nothing more than a proof of concept at this point. But it was fun to make! And the fun in this is that the stuff actually has ‘about’ the flexibility of e.g. the Korg Kaossilator 2, not really, but changing scales on the fly is not a problem.

Anyway the KO2 especially is a MAD COOL little box!

Cool! Interesting chain B)

Thanks Djeroek
I forgot to mention, which key you press in this case doesn’t matter, note is determined by X parameter… I’m still not convinced I got everything right in the *Note Select formulas and also I actually first wanted to make the chain respond to the keys you press on midi/keyboard like the ScaleMapper tool in fact does, this proved to be too tricky (maybe later)

I’ve also noticed that it absolutely does not correctly look up (and/or) pass through the note values to the pitch lfo devices, if anybody knows something as to how to improve it i would really like to know!