Karmafx Modular Synth - Opinions?

I’m thinking of getting karmaFX synth modular and I noticed that it’s on sale at the moment. I know it’s been out for a while and I haven’t heard much noise about it recently, development doesn’t seem to be particularly active, but it does have some nice unique features - modular routing within a VST (other options are bidule and reaktor, which would be way more expensive), self-contained sequencer (hoping to use that within audiomulch…)…

Does anyone have opinions on it?

i don`t have an opinion on it yet but just stumbled across it last night and find it very tempting :)/>

i`m wondering though if instrument automation within renoise works?
using the karmafx 64bit demo version leaves the instrument automation tab empty …

edit: disregard that, it works, just had to reload the plugin.

cool, this might become a nice summer project. the full version isn`t expensive either :)

I bought it last summer, while it was on sale…

but I haven’t messed around with it much :blush:

I’ve used Buzz before, so I’ve got a thing for modular gadgets :wub: . u-he’s ACE is another good one to check out.