Kaspersky alerts on a Renoise dll


What is the situation with this? Is it a commonly known problem? I’ve just ran a full Kaspersky test on my PC, and it deleted my ReWire engine.dll file from my Renoise 3.1.0 folder, as a Trojan… (Sorry for the additional Hungarian text on the screenshot.)


During the past few months we’ve had numerous reports that Avast and Kaspersky antivirus are detecting false positives, both during the Renoise installation process and also with the Renoise plugin server process. It’s a bit more rare that it happens with the ReWire process, but I’d still say that it’s probably just another false positive.

No other antivirus packages seem to have a problem with the most recent versions of Renoise. The huge majority of reports come from Avast users, with a couple of Kaspersky users. If there was a real threat here, then we’d expected to see more varied reports coming in from all the other popular antivirus packages, not just 99% Avast users.

Nevertheless, you should always perform a full scan when in doubt, and make sure that you have not downloaded anything dodgy lately.

If everything else looks clean, then I think you can quite safely assume that it’s a false positive, add simply Renoise to your antivirus filter/whitelist.