Kb / Focus Consistency

I must admit I haven’t tried non-focus-lock mode yet. But with the option turned on I know for sure that you can e.g. still have focus on track dsps when you hide lower frame with keyboard shortcut. (selfmade one in a new tool called ‘Best Views’)
Also, when lower frame is hidden, and then you click on a device in Mixer view, then pop up lower frame again, the selected device should be in sight imo.

That sounds logical for anyone having an average screen estate, but turns irritations for the netbook user that simply need this compact view.
So linked areas should be optional if there is enough animo for this idea anyway.

No yeah no you don’t understand. I do really not want the lower frame to just come up… what I mean is that if I select device, then press button to show lower frame, and it was on ‘Track DSPs’ before, the device selected in mixer should be in the middle of track dsps chain! You know when you have 20 fx in there and you gotta scroll 3 pages… Now if the lower frame is open already, selecting in the mixer will show it center on the track dsps frame - real good. Would be awesome if this ‘pre scrolling’ could also already happen when it’s hidden.