Kcirr3d - Fade To Grey (remiksky)

Help!: I think the song is closest to the breakbeat genre. So I think I can still call it breakbeat. But it could also be Electro, Downtempo, Ambient, etc.

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The original : Visage - Fade To Grey 1984

The reason I made this topic: Kcirr3d - Fade To Grey

Do not enjoy without leaving a comment. :(

Quick art: (notice how the letters actually ‘fade to grey’ amazing! lol)

How can something that starts grey and ends grey fade to grey?

That’s the magic of art.

kcirr3d - I was excited. A new song form you. (jam during long work days). great job. I like it. I also downloaded “This is how we do (remix)”, and thought that was real tight.

Sounds great, much less boring than the original (never liked the original).
The center of your mix sound a bit bald and weak imho (2:00 - 3:00)
Also some fx instruments sound out of concept (do not blend in the mix) but you can hear this better on headphones.

funny I just wanted to post a message here saying I fixed the elements that sounded out of tune in the middle part of the song. I noticed the false sounds there a few hours ago.

Why cant I hear those things right away before releasing it on the net, frustrating! :(

And yeah, it sounds a little weak in that part compared to the chorus thing. Well, does any one have a great voice with or without vocoder and lyrics to fill that part? I’m sick of adding synths, bleebs and fx’es.

thanx for the comments. :)

- Fade To Grey -

this quick coverart is better imo

I filled it up with electro sounds and fx’es, that orgy of sounds in the background does wonders.

I normally don’t like old eighties stuff, but i was surprised by your track. This is a complete new interpretation of the song, sounds very good! Maybe a bit to much reverb on the intro synth sound, that’s all. :)

thankst for the comments