Kcirr3d New Track: Aid Celecta

Aid Celecta, Princess of the Deserts
Genre: :drummer:

Again, i’m a little unsure about the mastering. feel free to comment :)

Aid Celecta

listened to it last night, liked it pretty well. i pretty much agree with “disconnect” who posted a review on the download link page. it needs more bass but other than that it’s pretty tight

Hey, that’s pretty cool! I like the beat

nice one! :panic:

Yeah i looked at that and decided to do a new version with slighty more volume and eqboost on the lower freqs (kick+bass). The track sounds more balanced now… Thanx for the quick feedback.

I didnt agree with Disconnect about the bassline though… it’s not Drum&Bass so why would i need to put in a distorted bass? :D

Nice track, but IMHO it sounds quite plastic and not enough warm owerall…
Probably because of bass sound… Probably more greazy and evil bass will make it more powerfull. Not exactly D’n’B bass, but kinda acidly break-beat gloomy bass with filter fx can fit great i think…
Some drum variations, granulations and distortions will also make it diverse ;)