Keboard Shortcut For Loops

Can I request a keyboard shortcut is added for Loops in the Sample Editor. I don’t mind whether it toogles between Off and Last Type Used, or if it cycles through the three available types and Off mode.

Have just loaded a load of sounds to play around with and for some reason they all have the whole sample loops although the are single hit/stab samples. Going through each one and having to click with the mouse on the Loop Type drop-down is a royal PITA!

Nobody else think this would be useful? In my situation remembering to turn it off globally in preferences may help the majority of the time, but then when loading waveforms it would be nice to be able to quickly enable the loop. Or hopefully I’ve just missed it…

I think it needs it. Ive rendered a synth to samples a few times, and had too go through them aswell. I couldnt find a shortcut.


wops… he said sample editor deleted my smartass attempt to help.

and: yeah I’d like that as well. would really make it more efficient when I sit and browse through different wavecycles when Im looking for a synth sound.

Of course in the Sample Editor. There’s not really much point in having it in a window where you can’t even see the loop drop-down menu now is there :P

oh yesss! it s painfull with akai sample packs to unloop it with mouse

(i m dreamin of a computer working without mouse…)